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requiring all drivers to complete a minimum 103.5 hours of training before they can take a semi-truck out for a road test. ‘Significant and meaningful’ changes coming to Alberta trucking regulations:.

Several police agencies have voiced concerns about the device. Watch below: Alberta RCMP won’t have the only approved device to test cannabis-impairment road-side by Oct. 17, the date it becomes legal.

A driving school in southern Alberta is launching a hand controls training program. Dwain Friesen, COO at CTEC, said once a driver passes the test, they can drive as well as anybody else on the.

University of Alberta researchers have developed a user-friendly dengue test that could help diagnose. multiple steps and.

During a show of solidarity with the victims of the Christchurch shooting Monday, the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council. We feel they pass the test to be included in the schedule,” said Hasan.

Transportation Minister Brian Mason said reforms to the trucking industry will include introducing a mandatory entry-level training program for. was privatized in 1993. Service Alberta said.

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The province also recently introduced new training requirements for commercial truckers, which means all drivers who want those licences must take their test through an accredited school. The Alberta.

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The program, called SellSafe Cannabis Staff Training, is required. I signed up for Alberta’s SellSafe program. Here’s what I learned. First of all, the course material and 30-question test do a.

CALGARY — Alberta may require mandatory training for new truck drivers. of dozens of unregulated school that taught just enough for students to pass the road test. “Many carriers in our province.

A driving school in southern Alberta is launching a hand controls training program. Dwain Friesen, COO at CTEC, said once the drivers pass the test, they can drive as well as anybody else on the.

remember that over 50 per cent are totally new to the job and can only test Class 5 basics to start off with. So there’s a whole lot of tests in there that aren’t getting done," she said.

Already, in many parts of Alberta, it is virtually impossible to get a Class 4 driver’s test — which is needed before someone. “They’re hiring people with very little knowledge, experience or.

But Alberta — the jurisdiction that licensed the. “Mandatory means just that: a driver will no longer be able to challenge the road test. unless they have completed the mandatory training at a.

Nowak coordinates Alberta’s drug. so a blood test of suspected drug-impaired drivers can be taken at any time. “We have more tools and more police officers actively looking for it with better.

Their training consists of a seven-day course and a yearlong. The province said on Tuesday it hopes to finalize reforms to the road test examination system by early 2019. Alberta Transportation.

The Alberta government says five new organizations will now be able to train, test and provide service dogs to people. the Canadian Canine Training Corporation, which operates in the Edmonton area,

The 35-year-old Alberta EMT and reservist with the Canadian Armed Forces. Brine has participated in one of each, and remembers the live mission to assist the French as a test of her experience and.

Mandatory entry-level training (MELT) is not the only initiative the Alberta government has implemented to help improve safety on provincial roads. Changes have also been made to Alberta’s driver.